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Why it is Absolutely Safe to Travel to Kerala?

Are you planning your Kerala tour itinerary and have questions like "Is Kerala safe to travel?", "Is it safe to travel Kerala now?" etc. 

Kerala is absolutely safe to travel as all the tourist places are now open with strict covid safety protocols. Plan your Kerala tour now with family, friends or as groups. Kerala offers amazing tour packages. To know more details click below enquire now button to select Kerala tour packages of your choice.

Is it safe to travel to Kerala now?

As the leading Kerala tourism operator, Kerala Holidays have been getting a lot of enquiries like "Is it safe to travel to Kerala during COVID-19?". Guest planning their trip to Kerala are eagerly asking the question "Is planning a trip to Kerala safe?". The answer to query is that Kerala is safe and you can plan your travel to any destinations of your choice in Kerala. The Kerala tourist places have started to host domestic guests from across India. Pack your bags and head to Kerala for experiencing the beauty that soothe your eyes and refresh your mind. 

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Why is Kerala considered an absolute safe travel destinations in india? 

India has long been touted as an unsafe tourist destination especially for solo travellers, women travellers, foreigners, etc. However, with growing tourism industry and government taking active measures to promote tourism, India is turning out to be the safest travel destination for tourist from United States, Europe, England, Germany etc.
Kerala, a picturesque state in southern India has always been the favourite tourist destinations in India. It magnetizes tourists not only from the rest of India but also welcomes thousands of foreign tourists. The safety of Kerala draws tourists from all over to the world for a happy and long stay in God's Own Country. 

Kerala is certainly a paradise on earth and justifies its title ‘God’s Own Country’. The endless lush greenery, picturesque backwaters and beautiful houses make the state worth visiting throughout the year. It is an all-season destination due to its pleasant and moderate climate. The seasons from June to September mid are the rainy season; February to April is the dry season. Although, the seasons from October to March is considered to be the best time to go to Kerala, you can travel to Kerala in any month as tourist are visiting Kerala every month irrespective of season and off-season. There can be occasional evening showers in the months of May upto September.

Kerala as a Safe Tourist Destination
Kerala is one of the safest tourist destinations in India. Travelers from all over the world flock to this paradise to embrace its refreshing vibe. The land is bestowed with diverse flora and fauna, backwaters and rivers. The state was declared ‘one of the ten paradises of the world’ by National Geographic. Moreover, more than 10 million tourists visit Kerala annually, to experience backwaters, lagoons and tea gardens.
Kerala has the lowest population growth rate, highest literacy rate, highest life expectancy, highest gender ratio, and the highest Human Development Index (HDI) compared to the other states of India. These data certainly makes it one of the best places in the country. Kerala is the least corrupt Indian state as per Transparency International Survey which definitely makes it a safe tourist destination.

Travel Safety in Kerala
The most convenient way to reach this place is through a flight. There are direct flights from all the major cities connecting Kochi. From Kochi, you can travel across the state by road. The best way to enjoy Kerala is by traversing through the landscapes via road. 
The public transport is not recommended for tourists on a holiday as it will be overcrowded. For traveling around, cabs with drivers are highly recommended. The options are both cost-effective and best option. Therefore, choose to book an all-inclusive Kerala tour package. It is important to download Google maps and apps like translators, maps etc. which can help you navigate to any destination in Kerala without any trouble before you start your journey.

Kerala is one of the most popular tourist places in the world; therefore, many travelers including large groups choose to come over to Kerala. There are prominent taxi services in Kochi which renders protection and safety for guests while travelling. There are services which provide extra care for guest especially night travellers. Safety is an important factor because of the injustices across the world. Nevertheless, there are many safe travel services in Kerala which will help make your journey memorable as well as safe.
Most of the tour operators provide professionally trained drivers who are fluent in English and Hindi. Therefore, you will not face a language barrier and it will make your travel easier. If you are travelling as a couple, you can choose AC Sedan car or any comfortable car for a convenient, comfortable and safe tour. However, if you are travelling with family or a group of more than five, then you can choose a bigger car depending upon your travel requirements and budgets such as Tata Indigo, Toyota Innova, Chevrolet, Enjoy or Mahindra Scorpio. 

Accommodation Safety in Kerala
Kerala caters to all sorts of travellers right from budget to luxury travellers. There are various accommodation options ranging from buget to 5-star luxury resorts and spa hotels, houseboats to homestays. However, it is important that to make your bookings in advance and choose a resort/hotel in Kerala that complements your tastes as well as your budget. The accommodation in Kerala is safe with complete sanitisation after each checkout to ensure the safety of each guest coming to Kerala. The amenities offered in Kerala are pleasing and of the finest quality. Almost all the hotels and resorts are under CCTV surveillance. Moreover, there are no issues of theft. In order to enjoy a hassle-free trip, plan your trip well in advance with any reputed travel agency in Kerala.

Hospitality in Kerala
Ancient Kerala welcomed travelers and traders from across the world including the Romans, Arabs, Greeks, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, French and the British. Their imprint can be seen on architecture, cuisine and literature in some form or the other. 
It is said that the highest number of festivals are celebrated in Kerala. Also, you are likely to find a temple, mosque or church around every corner in the state. Plan a trip to God’s own country and experience the hospitality and resplendent beauty of this place.

Food Safety in Kerala
Food safety is taken very seriously in Kerala. The food safety department regularly conducts surprise checks on the quality of food products offered at popular tourist spots to enhance hygiene, avoid food adulteration and ensure that quality products are offered at reasonable prices.
Food is relatively cheap all across Kerala and even at a luxury resort; you could enjoy a good meal for less than equivalent standard in any foreign country. Also, this place gives an excellent opportunity to try out different cuisines like –idli, masala dosa, appams, uppuma, puttu, etc. which has been rated as the best breakfast in the world. You can relish the taste of traditional Kerala Cuisine at most of the restaurants in Kerala. Apart from typical Kerala food, you will get a variety of cuisines options including Continental, Chinese and Indian at standard restaurants across the state.

Law and Order in Kerala
Kerala is best known for its law and order across the nation. Year on year it is ranked as the best in terms of its law and order. Moreover, there are security checks on cars and often bags, as well as before entry to any of the major tourist spots, malls and hotels. 
Although it is extremely safe to roam around during late evening or night, it is important to note that you reach your hotel before 10 PM so that you get enough time for relaxing and re-energizing yourself for the next day and if you are travelling to Munnar and Thekkady, there can be fog on the road which might make the travel during the night difficult and uncomfortable.

The Bottom Line
In conclusion, it can be noted that Kerala is absolutely safe destination. Therefore, plan your trip to Kerala and enjoy serenading in the laps of nature. Kerala Holidays is a renowned tour and travel company operating in Kerala. We offer budget to luxury Kerala travel packages at affordable price. Get in touch with us to book your Kerala tour package and leave the entire stress of planning your trip on us.

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